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We are a company specializing in Andean Foods, which are producers in rural areas and in the Amazon, and we also highlight the nutritional values ​​that provide the consumption of these foods.

On the other hand, it contains a portfolio of recipes that are made with these nutritious foods, a way to be able to add nutrients to your diet.

Most Andean foods are found in South America, they grow in the zones, highlands, Andean, and surroundings, the cultivation is in a totally natural way in lands and soils, rich minerals, they do not use chemical products, and contaminants, on the contrary, it is an agroecological and natural crop reaching to preserve the flavor, color and natural texture.

They are foods that are being recognized worldwide, which stand out for their high nutritional value, and by natural cultivation indicating that Andean Foods are Organic Foods.


Our purpose is to raise awareness about the nutritional properties of Andean Foods, and the great benefits that can be gained from their consumption.

You can find information on the web about Andean Foods, such as origin, cultivation, characteristics, types, nutritional properties, benefits, recommendations and contraindications, and valued recipes.

You will also be able to see a new style of food, and be able to replace some unhealthy products with Andean Foods that do help our health.

Remember that Andean Foods have higher levels of nutrients than other healthy foods, placing themselves above in the nutritional pyramid, for their nutritional values.

Do not wait any longer and discover a new natural world, a part of the flora of nature. You can also access this website, to the additional information of the Andean Foods.

If you have any questions or want to know more about us you can enter the contact form or send us an email to alimentosandinos2015@gmail.com.