Golden Berry

What is the Golden Berry?

The Golden Berry or Uchuva, is a fruit of the Peruvian Andean region, is outstanding or characterized by its high content of proteins and vitamin A, promoting cardiovascular health and other evils, also this small Peruvian fruit is known as: Uvilla, Uchuva, Fruit of love, Aguaymanto, Capulí, Cherry of Peru and known by the English term as Golden Berry.

Yellow fruit is a food from the Inca times is a food heritage, known as the Inca fruit, is used in Peruvian Gastronomy and Pastry, as in desserts, meals, salads, cocktails, is also present in the cuisine of others countries, such as the United States, Bolivia, Colombia, Brazil, Spain, Italy, among others. The Peruvian fruit has the scientific name Physalis peruviana.

The Aguaymanto and the Purple Corn are emblematic products of Peru. If you want to know everything about the Aguaymanto, Capulí, Uchuva or Golden Berry, here you will have all the necessary information to continue discovering more of this fabulous Peruvian fruit.

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Origin and Cultivation of Golden Berry 

The Golden Berry or Capulí is of origin of the Peruvian Andes (100% Peruvian) also known as the native fruit of the Incas was of great preference for the nobles and particularly were cultivated in the sacred valleys, it has not been possible to determine the exact age of the yellow fruit but thanks to the representations found in Inca cultures is believed to come from those times.

This fruit is native of Peru, has been cultivated for thousands of years by the Incas, natives and now settlers, for the great reception and demand that has had for the US market and the European Union, has expanded the cultivation in other areas such as Ecuador, California, South Africa, Kenya, India, Egypt, the Caribbean, Asia and Hawaii, but in small quantities.

Plant or tree of the Golden Berry or Capulí, is cultivated between 1800 to 2800 m.s.n.m, in temperatures average of 13º to 15ºC, the extreme temperatures that can damage the flowering and fructification, require of sunlight since it defines in color, the flavor, size and time of maturation, they need sandy-clayey soils with good drainage.

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Characteristics and Types of Golden Berry

The plant of Golden Berry or Capuli, is herbaceous and wild of fibrous root that in inserts to the ground to those of 60cm of depth, they measure between 0.6 to 1 meter of height, has a brittle green stem with villus of texture very soft to the touch , the whole leaves similar to a pubescent heart.

The plant is fibrous root that inserts the soil at 60cm deep, has a brittle green size, with texture villus very soft to the touch, its leaves are hermaphrodites of five sepals, with a tubular yellow color similar to a pubescent heart and texture like paper.

Fruit of the Aguaymanto is round, yellow bittersweet taste with a pleasant aroma, is very small reaches between 1.25 to 2 cm in diameter, contains between 100 to 300 seeds, weighs between 4 to 10 grams something similar a cherry tomato and has a cocoon or shell that surrounds the fruit texture.

planta aguaymanto

There is only one type or species of Golden Berry or Aguaymanto, due to the cultivation or sowing in other countries, there are many ecotypes, but it should be noted that they have the same characteristics, some differences are shown in the colors and sizes, for example; There are reddish, green and yellow with weights between 4 to 10 grams.

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Dehydrated Golden Berry or Uchuva

It is a variety of fresh Golden Berry or Capulí, in order to increase the life time of the fruit one of the most common techniques to carry out this process is to dehydrate it in the sun, that is, let it dry at high temperatures of the sun. It is also a food that you can consume at any time, are a great source of energy and maintains all its nutritional properties.
The Uchuva or Dehydrated Golden Berry per 100 grams has 300 calories, 5% protein, 18% fiber, 15% moisture, 6.5% ash and 1% fat.

What is the good use of Dehydrated Golden Berry?

The most outstanding properties and benefits of Dehydrated Golden Berry:
  • Improves and maintains the optimal functioning of the visual or ocular system.
  • It is a great antioxidant helping to prevent cell damage.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety levels.
  • Thanks to its fiber content, it prevents and combats constipation.
  • Regulates cholesterol levels.
  • The Golden Berry to be dehydrated does not contain contraindications, although it is not necessary to consume it in excess.

aguaymanto golden berry deshidratado

Nutritional properties of Golden Berry

This small Peruvian Fruit is an excellent source of Pro-vitamin A, Vitamin C, minerals and complete of vitamin B, besides the fruit contains 15% of healthy solids (mainly sugars) and its high level of fructose making it very useful for diabetics.

According to the nutritional value of Golden Berry or Uchuva, it contains a very high level of phosphorus, and its high content of dietary fiber allows the fruit pectin to act as an intestinal regulator. Studies reveal that they have anti-tumular, hepatoprotective, immunomodulatory and anti-bacterial antioxidant properties.

The main component of the Golden Berry or Capulí that possesses healing properties, is the steroiedal lactone of natural origin called «withanólidos». This substance is deniminated Ginseg India, having benefits for the endocrine system.

In addition it is a natural energy, recommended for athletes, studying and children, in its composition shows high levels of proteins and phosphorus essential for the development, growth and proper functioning of different organs.

propiedades nutricionales aguaymanto

Nutritionally composition per 100 grams of Golden Berry

  • Energy —————> 53 kcal.
  • Moisture —————> 78.9 gr.
  • Calcium —————> 8.0 mg.
  • Water —————> 78.9 gr.
  • Protein —————> 0.30 gr.
  • Fat —————> 0.16 gr.
  • Carbohydrates —————> 19.6 gr.
  • Fiber —————> 4.90 gr.
  • Ash —————> 1.0 gr.
  • Ascorbic acid —————> 0.43 gr
  • Carotene —————> 1.61 mg.
  • Iron —————> 1.23 mg.
  • Niacin —————> 1.73 mg.
  • Riboflavin —————> 0.03 mg.

Benefits for the consumption of Golden Berry or Uchuva?

What is it good for and what is good Aguaymanto or Uchuva ?. There are many people who ask these questions, but you should know that this small Peruvian fruit offers a series of benefits, I will mention the 10 main benefits of Capulí.

Its an anti-carcinogenic fruit

A study conducted to the «Golden Berry», confirms that the whitenolides, have similar effects that fight cancer, suppressing the presence of tumors this effect help to eliminate cancer cells, called apoptosis, and to prevent the spread of cancer throughout the body; like the cancer of the stomach, the colon and the intestine.

The Golden Berry is a fruit for diabetics

One of the benefits of this small fruit is that it stabilizes the glucose level of the blood, unlike other fruits it is highly recommended for those people who suffer from diabetes.

Golden Berry reassures the symptoms of menopause

The native fruit of Peru contains properties that increase the amount of estrogen in women, balancing the hormonal level in women and therefore reduce the symptoms or radical changes that women present in menopause.

Does Golden Berry help prevent respiratory diseases?

Because of its high content of vitamin A and C, they cause a protection to the immune system, in winter season it is advisable to consume them, since we are more prone to suffer from colds, coughs and intense flu, it helps us to fight it and to neutralize these symptoms.

Golden Berry a fruit that fight hypertension and relieve stress

thanks to the antioxidant components that the Uvilla has, they help to combat hypertension and counteract the effects of stress, physical, mental fatigue and depression, being a great natural sedative-tranquilizer.

Its a diuretic food

It improves the urinary system and reduces the levels of fat in the body, removes substances due to its high flavonoid content, and decreases the albumin of the kidneys, it should be noted that it is an essential product in the medication of people suffering from prostate.

Aguaymanto slows aging and is a natural healing

The consumption of Aguaymanto contributes a high content of «vitamin C» favoring the healing of wounds, and because of the antioxidants that it has, it delays cell aging and that of the skin.

Golden Berry fights and reduces cholesterol levels

According to studies conducted at the UNMSM (Peru) indicate that the Golden Berry regulates cholesterol levels and stabilizes the blood glucose level, making it an excellent antidiabetic.

Is it an excellent fruit for women who have menopause in Golden Berry?

The Golden Berry is an excellent ingredient for women, manages to calm the symptoms that suffer from menopause.

Other benefits of Golden Berry or Golden Berry

Taking into account that it is a high nutrient food that manages to alleviate or fight more diseases that you did not know, for example;

  • Protects specialized tissues such as the retina and promotes the condition of cell membranes.
  • It contributes to the development of teeth and bones and fights asthma, sinusitis and other allergie.s
  • The Aguaymanto improves the performance of the cardiovascular functions, it desinflamatory of articulations.
  • Thanks to the attributes it contains, such as vitamins, proteins, minerals and acids, it helps blood purification, optic nerve fortification, amoebiasis
  • control, bone calcification, antimicrobial, antipyretic, among others.

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Recommended Dosage and Contraindications of Golden Berry

So far there is no official dose or ration per person per day of Golden Berry or Capulí, but some doctors or health centers recommend consuming between 3 to 4 times a week, in such a way that you can take advantage of all its nutrients and benefits that another This Yellow fruit.

Also the Aguaymanto or Uvilla is a food that is not recommended to allergic people would cause imbalance of the endocrine system and finally it is not recommended to consume excessively can raise the degree of heartburn and cause stomach pains.

Questions about Golden Berry

How many Calories are fresh Golden Berry or Capulí and dehydrated?

The Aguaymanto is a fruit that has few calories in its fresh state has 53 calories, but dehydrated has 300 calories, making it a great source of energy, in both cases is calculated per 100 grams.

Does Golden Berry or Capulí help you lose weight or get fat?

Golden Berry or Capulí fresh helps you lose weight, by having diuretic properties and low calories helping to eliminate toxins and clean the intestinal and digestive system, if you complement it with some sport or physical activity the results are faster.

Dehydrated Golden Berry contains 300 calories, almost 6 times the fresh fruit is not a unique or recommended product to lose weight, but as a great source of energy, it can be implemented in the diet of athletes or athletes, you can also consume it but you should be supplemented with a sport or physical activity, in the event that you do not do any sport you may gain weight or gain weight.

Images of the Golden Berry

Recipes with Golden Berry 

The Golden Berry is one of the Andean fruits that is recognized for its great source of protein and vitamin A. You will find recipes for food and dishes made with Capulí to take advantage of its medicinal and healing properties.

And if you ask yourself, how can I consume the Golden Berry?. Well here you will learn how to prepare, make or cook the Capuli with these fabulous and nutritious recipes. You can enter by clicking on the images of the recipe you want to learn how to cook or know all the recipes with Golden Berry (recipes in Spanish)

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