Camu Camu of Cremolada

Camu Camu of Cremolada Recipe The Camu Camu is a fruit with high content of vitamin C and antioxidants, also…

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Olluquito with charqui

Olluquito with charqui Recipe Olluquito with charqui is one of the typical dishes of the Peruvian highlands that are traditionally…

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Olluco of Chupe

Olluco of Chupe Recipe Olluco of Chupe, or also known as Soup of Olluco with milk is one of the…

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Olluco of Ajíaco with Cheese

Olluco of Ajíaco with Chesee Recipe Olluco of Ajíaco with Cheese is one of the most traditional Creole dishes prepared in…

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Olluco of Saltado with Chicken

Olluco of Saltado with Chicken Recipe The Olluco of Saltado is one of the recipes that is prepared in Peru.…

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Olluco of Locro

Olluco of Locro Recipe The Olluco of Locro is one of the most popular recipes prepared in Peru. This small…

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