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What is the Olluco? The Olluco is an Andean tuber that grows in the Andean areas, is highlighted by high content of zinc, calcium and complete B, ideal for growing children, pregnant women and people with memory problems such as Alzheimer’s, also known as MeIloco, ulluco, Chugua, Ruba, Lisa or Papa Lisa. If you want …

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Andean Maca


What is Andean Maca? The Maca or Andean Maka, is a tuber that grows in the Andean areas, is notable for its aphrodisiac power in both men and women, also known in Spanish-speaking countries as; Maka-Maka, Ginseng-Peruvian, Ginseng-Maca or Maino, in English-speaking countries such as; Peruvian-Ginseng, Maca, Maka, Pepperweed. The Incas considered this food as …

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