Andean Maca

What is Andean Maca?

The Maca or Andean Maka, is a tuber that grows in the Andean areas, is notable for its aphrodisiac power in both men and women, also known in Spanish-speaking countries as; Maka-Maka, Ginseng-Peruvian, Ginseng-Maca or Maino, in English-speaking countries such as; Peruvian-Ginseng, Maca, Maka, Pepperweed.

The Incas considered this food as sacred, since it granted virility to its women and the strength and energy to confront its opponents and its scientific name is Lepidium Meyenii. If you have asked yourself how can I consume Maca ?, you can do it through capsules, pills, powder, flour and liquid, no matter the presentation, the important thing is that you can receive the nutrients of this powerful Andean tuber.

If you want to know everything about Maca, here you will have all the necessary information to continue discovering more of this powerful tuber.

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Origin and Cultivation of Andean Maca

The origin of the Andean Maca is given in the Puna of the Andes of Peru, being recognized as the Peruvian Maca worldwide by its origin, It has been cultivated in the Peruvian Andes for thousands of years, it was confirmed that this food has been cultivated from the year 1600 BC, considered as a gift from the gods, they used it in ceremonies and rituals.

If you have asked yourself where is Maca cultivated ?, is it cultivated in the Andean regions of Junín and Pasco, among other departments of Peru that have a similar climate, it has also been cultivated in the Puna of Bolivia.

The Maca plant is grown in the Andean Puna, altitudes between 3000 to 4500 meters above sea level, generally in extreme environments, between 4º to 7ºC it can reach climates from -10ºC to 22ºC, grow in extreme acidic soils and sandy loam soils , come to bloom in second year of cultivation between October and November and is very resistant to almost all pests and diseases in their growth.

maca cosecha alimento andinos orgánicos

Characteristics and Types of Andean Maca

The Peruvian Maca Plant is annual or semi-annual herbaceous, it is very remarkable for increasing the virility, sexual desire and fertility recommended for men and women.

The characteristics of the plant; It has a very short stem, with arrested leaves and they grow in abundance almost at ground level, the flowers form a group with each other, each one has four slightly curved petals, the fruit of the Maka has 2 seeds, and very thin roots and short of the tuber.

The root of Maka is a radish-like tuber or carrot of rounded shape, reaching between 4 to 7 cm in height of different colors such as light yellow, brown, black or purple, the difference of colors does not change the general properties of the bed.


características maca characteristics

There are 3 different ecotypes of the Andean Maca is defined by the external color:

  • Yellow: Corresponding to 60% of the current crop.
  • Red: Corresponding to 25% of the current crop.
  • Black: Corresponding to 15% of the current crop.

maca-tipos alimentos andinos orgánicos

Red Andean Maca

What is the Red Andean Maca ?. It is one of the varieties of Maca, has the same process of cultivation and growth that its cousins ​​of yellow and black color, this small red tubercle is outstanding for combating and healing problems of osteoporosis and prostate.

What is use and what is good of Red Andean Maca?. Many people ask themselves these questions, then you will know why it is good to consume it.

Properties and Benefits of the Red Andean Maca:

  • Red Peruvian Ginseng reverses the growth of the prostate in men, does not affect testosterone and improves seminal vesicle function.
  • The Red Maka improves the quality of sperm in men over 40 years, usually at that age the quality of semen decreases, but the consumption of this small red tuber regenerates its quality and increases the chances to get to conceive a child.
  • The red tuber reduces inflammation and problems of the prostate, usually this disease appears after 40 years of age, the recommended dose is 20 grams a day.
  • Combats osteoporosis repairing bone tissue, recommended for women over 40 years of age due to lack of estrogen.

Black Andean Maca 

What is the Black Andean Maca?. It is one of the varieties of the Maca, has the same process of cultivation and growth that its cousins ​​of yellow and red color, this small black tuber is prominent in combating memory diseases such as Alzheimer’s and potentiates the functions of the brain and increase the physical resistance in 3 to 4 times compared to the other Maka varieties

What is use and what is good of Black Andean Maca?. Many people ask themselves these questions, then you will know why it is good to consume it.

Properties and Benefits of the Red Andean Maca:

  • The black tuber increases physical, sexual and mental performance.
  • Black Maka improves memory, concentration and learning.
  • Avoid stress, fatigue and promotes good mood.
  • Peruvian red ginseng increases fertility in men and women and men.

Nutritional Properties of the Andean Maca

The nutritional value of the Maka Andina exist between 18 to 19 amino acids, highlighting that 7 of them are essential and their content is higher than that of potatoes and carrots. The unsaturated fatty acids are from 52.7 to 60.3% of the total fatty acids it contains.

Andean tuber has B vitamins (vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3 and Vitamin B6), vitamin C and E, have minerals and trace elements such as iron, calcium, zinc, manganese, potassium and copper.

It has acid grades such as Omega 3, 6 and 9, linolenic, palmitic and oleic acids. Also phytosterols, alkaloids (makaina 1,2,3 and 4), Isocyanates, Glucosinalates, Flovonoids, Saponins, Macacidas, alcamidad, etc.

It is a great food, since it has all these nutrients, it is not overvaluing it is only to make known everything that has this root, in the same way it is totally recognized worldwide as a Super Andean Food.

Andean Maca Nutritional Table for every 100 grams

  • Energy              —————> 320 kcal
  • carbohydrates  —————> 59.0%
  • Proteins            —————> 10.2 gr
  • Fiber                 —————> 8.5 gr
  • Fat                    —————> 2.2 gr
  • Sodium             —————> 18.7 mg
  • Calcium             —————> 150 mg
  • Iron                   —————> 16,6 mg
  • Vitamin B1        —————> 0.5 mg
  • Potassium         —————> 2050 mg
  • Vitamin B2         —————> 0.11 mg
  • Vitamin C           —————> 10 mg

maca 2 alimentos andinos orgánicos

What are the benefits of the Andean Maca?

What’s the use and what is it good Andean Maca?. There are many people who ask these questions, but you should know that this small tuber offers you a series of benefits, I will mention the 10 main benefits of the Peruvian Maca.

The Maca Andina is an aphrodisiac food and great sexual component

This is one of the most remarkable benefits of Peruvian Ginseng, since it manages to increase sexual desire in both men and women, being a highly recommended natural product.

It has also been proven to alleviate erectile dysfunction, is a food that offers high levels of energy helping to lift the posture of the penis and impressively reduce the effects of early erection and even combat it.

Andean maca andina

Maca is an excellent food for fertility

A study realized that treatment with Maka capsules for 4 months in adult men, managed to increase the volume of semen, quality and motility of waiting, being a great option for older men who wish to have children yet.

The Andean Maca is recommended for menopause

It is a great food that manages to calm the anxiety and depression of women who are in the menopausal stage, a study of 20 women with menopause, ingest 3.5 grams per day in capsules for six weeks showed that it was able to reduce the anxiety and depression of the participants, also improves ovarian quality in women.

Andean Maca is an anti carcinogenic product

Research carried out on the Andean tuber showed that the antioxidant properties of the isotiocyanates of the Maca, comes to prevent and treat the cancer by eliminating the damaged, tomorucid, mutagenic and degenerative cells.

Andean Maca is a root that increases physical resistance

In a study carried out by cyclists, I confirmed that those people who consumed maca showed a higher performance and less wear and tear in the discipline, suggesting that it is an Andean food that increases the levels of resistance in people.

Peruvian Ginseng or Andean Maca  improves mood

Other benefits that you did not know, according to expert medical studies of holistic wellness, affirmed that the omega 3 fatty acids of the Andean food are recommended to calm symptoms associated with depression, stress and anxiety.

Andean Maca is a good product for bones

Maintaining optimal levels of bone wellbeing is not always easy, much less for people who are aging, this Andean food is a good ally for people suffering from osteoporosis and bone problems, besides helping to strengthen the system of the bones. bones and muscles.

The Andean Maca is good for brain functioning

Of course, the fatty acids from Maka root support brain function, which is mainly responsible for stabilizing analytical skills, cognitive function and rational thinking. It also increases the capacity for learning and memory.

Andean Maca combats bone problems

This tuber is a product that gives us iron, for a consumption of 100 gr, it provides us with more than 15% daily, being one of the best alternatives to combat anemia, it also helps to restore red blood cells and cardiovascular diseases.

Andean Maca helps us with skin problems

This benefit is unknown tuber, many people consume Maka because it helps reduce skin problems, such as acne and blemishes, also decreases sensitivity in extreme temperatures, both hot and cold.

Black Maca increases the height growth rate

Studies have shown that the improvement of growth may be related to glucosinolates that belong to the group of phytochemicals found in the Maka. Being a good option for children that is in the growth stage, increased the chances of increasing height.

Andean Maca or Peruvian Ginseng is ideal for athletes

It is argued that the roots of this ideal food for athletes as it improves physical and mental abilities by having a high content of nutrients and reach an optimal performance.

maca vs viagra andean maca

Recommended Dosage and Contraindications of Andean Maca

There is no known contraindication or any negative side effect of Maka, it is not recommended to women in pregnancy or breastfeeding for its alkaloid content, affecting the fetus or baby, nor excessive consumption to people suffering from hypertension or heart problems.

In the home country this tuber is highly beneficial for health, perhaps one of the negative effects that comes to occur is insomnia and the recommended daily dose of Maca Andina, is between 3 to 9 grams or 1 to 3 teaspoons or 2 to 8 small capsules a day.

Questions about the Maca Andina

How many calories does the Andean Maca have?

It is an Andean food with great nutritional properties has a regular amount of calories, but are nutritious for the body and great source of energy, this Andean tuber has 320 calories per 100 grams.

Does the Andean Maca fatten?

It does not fatten what it has are many vitamins and minerals being a great source and rich in nutrients. And the calories it has is to take advantage of physical activities that come to increase our strength and great source of energy.

Images of the Andean Maca 

Recipes with Andean Maca 

Peruvian Ginseng is one of the most demanded Andean tubers in the food industry this is due to its nutritional properties and benefits, you will find recipes for food and dishes made with Andean Maca, to take advantage of its medicinal and healing properties.

And if you ask yourself, how can I consume the Andean Maca? Well here you will learn how to prepare, make or cook the Andean Maca with these fabulous and nutritious recipes. You can enter by clicking on the images of the recipe you want to learn to cook or you can enter Recipes with Andean Maca.

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